About ASIL

The Alabama Stable Isotope Laboratory (ASIL) is located in the Bevill Building at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. We focus on the analysis of light stable isotopes of carbon (δ13C), oxygen (δ18O), nitrogen (δ15N), and hydrogen (δD) in a variety of media. While we primarily work with researchers in the Department of Geological Sciences, we also work with other UA researchers and external users.


ASIL was initiated in 2001 with the acquisition of a first mass spectrometer (NSF No. 9977326 PI: Stowell). This equipment was supplemented by Dr. Aharon through the acquisition of a continuous flow device and elemental analyzer in 2001.

Over the next decade, other peripherals were acquired, including a GasBench II. In 2011, another mass spectrometer, continuous flow device, GasBench II, and TCEA were acquired (NSF No. 0949303 PI: Andrus).

In 2020, a Nu Perspective-IS and Nu Carb were acquired for analysis of clumped isotopes in carbonate (NSF No. 1832350 PI: Tobin).