graduate student operating the micromill

Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Christine Bassett (ongoing) Bioarchives of Holocene palaeoenvironmemt in Southern Alaska
  • Kaydee West (ongoing) Development of Compound specific and bulk isotopic (δ15N and δ13C) analytical methodologies of fossil shell materials in reconstruction of trophic levels in paleo-ecosystems
  • Rajesh Dhungana (2017) Cave air co2 and drip-water geochemical variability at desoto caverns: implications for speleothem-based paleoclimate studies
  • Hillary Sletten (2016) Using the growth patterns and geochemistry of coralline red algae to develop proxies for paleoclimate reconstruction in tropical and subarctic environments

M.S. Theses

  • Rachel Mohr (ongoing) Climate change during the K-Pg extinction: quantifying changes in seasonal temperature variations
  • Erica Morelli (ongoing) Sulfur isotopes of sulfides in barite and carbonate deposits from methane seeps on the Gulf of Mexico continental slope
  • Kathleen McKay (2016) Linking Regional Climate and Speleothem Isotope Values in Cathedral Caverns, AL: A Cave Monitoring Study
  • Taylor Payne (2016) δ15N as a potential proxy for anthropogenic nitrogen loading in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
  • Christine Bassett (2016) Clams and climate: Implications for measuring seasonality in the marine bivalve, Saxidomas gigantea
  • Heather Black (2014) δ15N in mollusk shells as a potential paleoenvironmental proxy for nitrogen loading in Chesapeake Bay
  • Robin Cobb (2014) Secondary ion mass spectrometer geochemical analysis of secondary infilled areas in Stylaster erubescens
  • David Aldridge (2014) Hydroclimate time-series archived in a 4300 year old stalagmite from Desoto caverns (Alabama, USA)
  • Jeixin Wei (2014) Sclerochronological and geochemical study of modern and ancient Semele corrugate from north coastal Peru